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AirPitch Football invites you to join our license network of 3v3 World Federation offering Master, Regional, and Local licensing designed for anyone with football interest and ambition to make a difference. Open to companies, clubs, and individuals.
Master License
For those ready to take on an entire national market with the right to sell regional licenses and work with 3v3 World's federation and sponsor partners.
Regional License
For those interested in developing a high ambition football business with the right to sell local licenses and co-host 3v3 World mega-tournaments.
Local License
For those interested in creating a small football business, or enhance the club's offering, with big earning potential in their local area and co-host regional 3v3 events.
If you have a love of sport and football and have always dreamed of running your own business, a 3v3 World License is the perfect solution. It doesn’t matter if you are a young adult or older, we will give you everything you need to achieve success. 3v3 World is a growing brand and you can tap into our success. We offer three different entrance levels to be affordable for all: Master-Regional-Local.
We have organized more than 400 3v3 tournaments across 5 countries with and estimated 240000 registered players, making us the largest 3v3 event supplier in the World.

We work closely with national and regional football federations, top professional clubs, and big brands to maximize the marketing effect. We provide sponsorship consultancy to each of our franchise partners.

Our unique 3v3 pitch tournaments won the "UEFA grassroots event of the year" twice and continues to be the World's most innovative 3v3 event concept.
We have developed the world's leading custom branded 3v3 specialty equipment, including three types of mobile pitch systems and a range of foldable BazookaGoals.

By the end of 2022 we aim to be operating 5 national, 20 regional, and 100 local licenses in key Global markets. Will also help organize one mega-tournament in each master license market per year, with a 3v3 World Championship event.

Online presence
Our new 3v3 World website will include a dedicated sub-website for every license partner to manage. We will also spend a minimum of 10k EUR annually on social media promotion benefitting each partner.
License offerings
We offer three tire license partnership programs with the aim for everyone who is interested in starting a 3v3 based football business can afford to join.
Master License
  • National exclusivity/ 1 country
  • Right to sell sub-license / regional
  • Equipment shop

Annual fee:

Year 1 - 6000

Year 2 - €9000

Year 3 - €12000

Regional License
  • Regional exclusivity / 1 city or county
  • Right to sell sub-licenses/ local
  • Equipment commissions
Annual fee:
Year 1 - €3000
Year 2 - €6000
Year 3 - €9000
Local License
  • Local exclusivity / Postcode based
  • Right to expand local license
  • Equipment discounts
Annual fee:
Year 1 - €500
Year 2 - €1000
Year 3 - €1500
We bought the 3v3 UK Master Franchise from 3v3 Europe in 2021 and broke even after only three months selling sub-franchises worth £28k. and tournament income of more than 30k.
Mike Melvin, 3v3 UK owner
Equipment Packages
The equipment packages are mandatory for license partners and varies in size and price according to the three tier levels. Down-payments plans are available.
Master Franchise
  • 8x AirPitches 15x10m. with trolleys
  • 16x BazookaGoals (150x90)
  • 8x promotion flags color coded.
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Regional Franchise
  • 4x AirPitches 15x10m. with trolleys
  • 8x BazookaGoals (150x90)
  • 4x promotion flags color coded
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Local Franchise
  • 2x AirPitches 15x10m. with trolleys
  • 4x BazookaGoals (150x90)
  • 4x promotion flags color coded
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3 passionate grassroots coaches creating a lucrative and fun football business with 3v3 World.
Mike took on the UK master franchise in 2020 and despite the Covid restrictions has been able to profit on sub-franchising, coaching and equipment sales.
Hardy has been the master franchise partner for Germany since 2019 and has established collaboration with regional FAs and proclubs.
Finn Ove now runs the Norwegian master franchise after organizing 3v3 tournaments for nearly a decade on his own.
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