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AirPitch systems has been used by tournament organisations and clubs to help change the small-sided football landscape the since 2019.
AirPitches helping England Football discover talented "Young Lionesses"
AirPitch and 3v3 UK have been organising the "Young Lionesses" talent discovery events all over the country using custom branded AirPitches.
Arsenal FC uses AirPitches in their daily Academy training sessions.
“Airpitches add variety and excitement to training sessions. They allow for small-sided games and skill-based rotations. The popularity of the Airpitches among players is evident."
Mark Rivers, Pre-Academy Manager, Arsenal FC
Supporting the German FA's rollout of 3v3 FUNino all over the country.
3v3 Germany works with the national and regional football federations to support their new 3v3 small sided program launched in 2020. All U6 to U8 age groups will play FUnino 3v3, which is a 4 goal version of the game developed by the youth football coach and legend Horst Wein.   
Changing the dynamics of the grassroots football market.
3v3 UK did its first test tournament already at the Umbro Cup 2008 in Manchester. More than 12 years on, it has established itself as the country's largest 3v3 pitch tournament provider. In the past there years 3v3 UK has organized events at Liverpool FC and Manchester City FC, and is consulting the English FA for their plans to introduce the small sided format in 2022.
Taking inspiration from the USA and recreating the 3v3 tournament format.
USA is the biggest 3v3 football nation in the world... Not many coaches in Europe knows this perhaps. It was from the American that the founders of 3v3 Europe got the inspiration to create the 3v3 pitch tournament concept we use today. BazookaGoal entrepreneur, Anders Wennesland, came up with the idea in 2004 and launched the first ever 3v3 pitch national tournament called VG cup in Norway. The year after, the concept moved to Denmark were it was renamed 3v3 Jyske Ball which changed the entire landscape of Danish grassroots football. After a few years of 3v3 tournament initiatives in various countries, including UK, France, Greece and Poland, the project came full circle when 3v3 Norway was born in 2011. It quickly grew to become the largest event of its kind worldwide and helped convince the Norwegian FA to introduce official 3v3 match football for the younger age groups. In 2018, we launched 3v3 UK, and the year after, 3v3 Germany. In 2021, we will be represented in 9 countries and counting.
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